Nelson Garrido/ NGPhoto
Website design and development
job description
Portfolio and contact platform.
Keep the slideshow area as the center view and all related info bellow it.
Fixed video display bug

Well it took me some days to notice it and then even more time to fix it! Now you may watch the videos properly.

New Project
17ª Edição

A short-story writing and illustrated projects, this one by Angela Dahl.


New Project
Goelas de Pau

Two new related projects added.

Goelas de Pau End Titles made with Goelas de Pau Font.

Take a look!

BAANNNG New Website

Finally we reopened our site with a brand new stylish layout. Hoping your visit to be far more intuitive than the previous version. Our goal is to allow you to visit our works immediately as also may visit our work directory. We inserted a new area called sideprojects featuring what the title says and we look forward for an area of goodies with specific offers. In the near future will introduce more projects and we’ll program the layout to be seen in mobile phone devices. We want soon to be billingual too.
So feel free to follow up BAANNNG.COM